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Umet Stay

In the South Huvadhu Atoll Maldives

We are the pioneers of budget tourism to this region on this scale and bringing within your reach the untouched beauty of Huvadhu Atoll. For the fishing enthusiasts, we offer fishing adventures in waters rich in marine life and for the deep explorers. We carry a fleet of different types of fishing boats which will fit to your every need. We have a Dive Centre separately setup on the beach front makes which makes us different from other guest houses as we can offer fishing to diving and many more to our guests in the untouched natural beauty of South Huvadhu Atoll.

G Dh. Thinadhoo Island

Our hotel is located on the island of Thinadhoo, located on the western rim of Huvadu Atoll and pin pointed at 72° 59' 50" E and 0° 31' 49" N. Huvadoo Atoll is the world’s second largest atoll.

With our strong commitment to excellence and a passion for adventure, we are offering you a holiday of a lifetime on the equator

Why Huvadhoo?

Maldives, the world-famous tourist destination, has much more to offer than just crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches. The equatorial warm waters of the Maldivian seas are home to abundant marine life and fishing in them would challenge even the most seasoned adventure fishermen. Maldives is also the home of world’s second largest natural atoll, the Huvadu Atoll.

Huvadu sea is a rich vibrant marine biosphere, home to thousands of species of fish unique to the region. The fishing grounds here has sustained and enriched generations of fishermen. Without a doubt, the region can compete on the world stage as one of the most extensive, eclectic, and sustainable fishing destinations. Gateway to Huvadu atoll, is the regional capital of Thinadhoo. Thinadhoo is where the adventure begins. After a short boat ride from Kaadehdhoo Airport, you will reach UMET STAY is a small boutique hotel, located right in the middle of the island, and a place where you can enjoy true island hospitality, superb dining and comforts of home. This will be the base camp for all the promised adventures.

With UMET Fishing Charters is a collection of lovingly maintained and well-equipped boats and dedicated crew. Both the professional and novice fisherman can embark on the adventure of their lifetime. All the boats regularly maintained, surveyed and certified as safety takes priority over everything else. The crew are trained to help newcomers and inexperienced to get acquainted with the techniques and safety.